The insights of the world of the press and of printing Typography Vittoria.

Area of ​​the site dedicated to the depth of printing and printing, trivia and news from the world of typography.

This is the area of ​​the site dedicated to Vittoria Typography insights, trivia and news from the world of typography and printing in general. This area will be continuously updated and we hope will clarify the doubts that many of the non-experts have entered the first time a printing workshop.

Insights, information, news and curiosity to discover all our customers and not what it contains an ancient craft now endangered as the printer craftsman, an activity where the ancient craftsmanship of printing merges with traditional technologies to ‘vanguard constantly changing and updating.

Drawer with movable cast in lead typographyBeing today a traditional printer is knowing how skillfully blend the old school, founded on solid craftsmanship and oiled, with the unrelenting advance of modern layouts, printing and packaging; to be a printer today must be like a bridge between the old and the new without forgetting each of the two opposite shores.

Within this area of ​​the site is also the wing of the “news”, a real blog of the printer continually updated with new dal”affascinante and immense world of printing and typography.

History of the printing and typesetting, historical facts about paper, advanced techniques of impression, insights on the noble material of paper, studies by industry graphics and layout, advice for the preparation of your printed and many many other useful information will be proudly shown, so be able to do justice, and to maximize our work and therefore each product to be released from our printer.

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