Printing envelopes headed notepaper in Florence with Typography Vittoria.

Letterheads envelopes for letters and other correspondence and large pocket envelopes of various sizes printed in letterpress and offset in Florence.

Envelopes letters.

Envelopes headed notepaper printed typographyThe catalog of Typography Vittoria Florence includes a broad selection of letterheads envelopes for letters, invitations and any kind of correspondence.

Typography in Victoria Florence’s white envelopes and ivory in various types of paper (smooth, laid, hammer, etc.) with pvc window and no window.

The main envelope sizes present in our print shop are:
  • 12×18 cm .;
  • 11,5×16,5 cm .;
  • 11×23 cm. (Typical size for letters);
  • 9×14 cm ..

Envelopes headed notepaper model “Super Privacy”.

Typography Vittoria Florence for customers who have the need for special measures to safeguard the confidentiality of his correspondence provides special models of envelopes called “Super Privacy”.
This type of bags of letters has the distinction with a patented, breaking down irretrievably upon its opening, this to prevent prying eyes from reading your valuable communications and then reseal the envelope on their letterhead.

Buston bag made out white and brown with and without bellows.

Mail order too much to be contained in a classic envelope, or when there is need for the content to be inserted is not bent, the right solution is to adopt the so-called “Buston bag”.
This type of envelope is headed by more than the classic standard 11×23 cm., And specifically the leading formats in the catalog of Typography Vittoria Florence are:
  • 30×40 cm .;
  • 25,5×35,5 cm .;
  • 23×33 cm. (The most common format);
  • 19×26 cm ..
The Buston a lot in popular formats are also in paper color havana and necessary bearing system “bellows” to a capacity of sheets even higher.
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