All printing techniques that can be used in a printing properly equipped.

The main printing techniques used in the laboratories of typographic typography Vittoria Florence: letterpress printing, offset and digital printing, relief printing typographic and dry, hot stamping.

The technique of traditional print typography.

Drawer typeface character stick largeThe letterpress is the printing technique mother of all modern technologies used to date in a print shop, this method to imprint on the paper is a direct descendant of the famous wine press pressure of Johann Gutenberg.

Are first prepared arrays of relief printing (letterpress), they may be formed by movable molten lead, in rows of Linotype or printing plate.

Matrices come properly inked rollers, seguitamente a striking surface gives pressure to the sheet previously interposed between the matrix and the plan itself.

The letterpress printing is no doubt the technique closest to the ancient traditions, looking at the final printed you can still see the signs of the pressure printed on paper, the tone of the color is very intense, creating a product that stands out from the mass.

The technique of offset printing.

Detail of tin printing ink for letterpress printThe offset is a newer technology of printing, it takes check from the old technique of lithography.
The transfer of ink to paper takes place by an indirect route, the matrix of the press, which is an aluminum plate, an inking cylinder “lined” by a sheet of rubber which coming in contact with the sheet of paper imparts the same.

The technology is suitable for offset prints extremely accurate, so you can print four-color composing images of excellent quality.

The offset, for both execution speed after setting the machine for the economy on large volumes, is also the technical Prince of large runs, all the newspapers, magazines and catalogs are distributed undoubtedly printed in offset.

The technique of digital printing.

The most recent technological breakthrough in the field of digital typography is certainly the impression.

The modern digital technology is the daughter of xerography, the technology consists of a short production process, a computer connected to the printer sends the data of what will be printed.

After a short processing a laser beam is directed according to the mosaic of pixels that was sent, the laser beam impacts on a roll photosensitive (photoreceptor drum) electrified which reacts discharging where he is hit by the light.

On the surface of the drum static electricity it attracts an expanding said pigmented powder toner, which is immediately transferred on the paper sheet. The sheet of paper “dusted” toner seguitamente will pass in a fuser roller preheated to very high temperatures, the heat melts the toner adhering permanently to the paper.

The main machines digital impression using four toner colors, which then would be the same color of the color offset (cyan, yellow, magenta and black) diligent combined produce all shades of color we need.

The digital impression technology is the ultimate printing, typography while losing some of its charm, has become with a digital consumer product allowing to process small jobs of high quality “winking” also wallets of consumers.

The technique of relief printing typographic and dry relief.

The technique of relief printing typographic and embossing are both daughters of the same technological process.

Wedding invitations with initial relief typography FlorenceTo make a relief printing typographic and dry relief must first prepare a cliché to bottello with a convex side and a concave which is “negative” half in relief. By overlaying the two clichés and inserting the sheet between them, the printing press will put great pressure that will give relief shaped on paper.

If the dry printing process is now completed, if instead of printing and embossing inked just have previously printed ink our typesetting.

The relief printing is a very laborious process, to make a “simple” business card our printer will work with extreme precision and craftsmanship take hours.

Certainly the great work behind will be pleasantly rewarded with a typographic product of excellent workmanship and son of an ancient tradition that has lasted for centuries of printing.

The technology of hot stamping.

The technique of hot stamping is processed with a printing machine letterpress traditional appropriately modified for this advanced technique.

Three movable molten lead character in "Italics English"The technique is a technology of hot direct impression coil, a contrast element in the bobbin, through strong pressure and heat is transferred on the paper sheet.
The ground pressure, previously heated to a temperature of at least 110 °, giving a strong pressure literally “attacking” the thermo-transferable element that we have previously chosen.

The printing matrix can be of more materials including steel, brass or magnesium.

The colors for the most characteristic element of the thermo-transferable hot stamping are called “metal” among which the effect of gold, silver or copper.

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