Print clamps and ribs for collection of records, documents, files and practices in Florence with Typography Vittoria.

Ties and ribs molded and custom records, documents, files and practices for professionals, law firms and notaries, lawyers, notaries and accountants in Florence.

Bands will custom collection of records, documents, records and practices.

Ties customized collection acts documents dossiers practicesThe clamps are printed and personalized tool functional and attractive to keep order in the studio and leave a distinctive signature to any legal practice, notarized or commercial activity.

The catalog of clamps Typography Vittoria Florence boasts dozens of cards for different color and texture, so that each of our customers can find the right combination of color paper and print more befitting to the professional that we face.

Usually cable ties to collection of records, documents, files and practices are of heavy cardboard at least 200 gr., Printed with the name of the lawyer, notary or accountant and related data and contacts; a convenient central creasing ago so that it is simple wrap the act, practice, or the file and then stop the all with a tapping metal.

Examples of color cardboard folders for Fabriano ties and cutletsMore and more requests diffused the clamps collection adhesive paper to be affixed seguitamente tapping the file.
However, a craft like typography Typography Vittoria in Florence has the means and the ability to shape the product tailored to each customer meeting the various needs of office and professional.

Cutlets for collection of acts, practices, records and documents for lawyers, notaries and accountants A4.

Ribbed A4 custom collection acts documents dossiers practices for lawyers, notaries and accountantsThe print product of the cutlets to collect various documents, files, documents and practices differ from the clamps to the format The ribs form a back cover to the dossier of A4, which makes it even more compact.

The ribs have the same clamps as a crease making it comfortable winding the practice to then proceed to tapping of the whole.

The catalog of cutlets for collecting files, documents, acts and practices Typography Vittoria Florence boasts the same range of paper and card catalog of clamps.

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