Supply of printed material for doctors, analysis institutes and health facilities in Florence with Typography Vittoria.

Supply of products in printed media for medical studies, analysis institutes and health facilities in Florence: medical prescriptions, business cards, labels customized for presentation examination and analysis, folders preprinted customized for collecting medical history.

Typography Vittoria Florence provides doctors, hospitals, research institutes and analysis all its experience in the field of printing.

Typography supply printed Florence for medical institutions and medical analysisThe size of handmade typography Vittoria Florence and all means and printing technologies available to create all the conditions to meet the needs of any medical study and institution that is present.

Besides elegant business cards that present the most of your job and company, they are countless handouts that can assist the medical care activities.

Typography at Vittoria Florence has always been a large demand for medical prescriptions, both in convenient blocks glued can fill out by hand is simple sheet to be used for modern printers connected to the computer of the study.

More and more in Florence are the medical specialists who require our print shop can process and print more or less complex customized folders history. This tool is of help to have a single hard copy all the information found during the visit, and also presented to the patient as a professional and organized in terms of form.

In the portfolio of clients Typography Vittoria Florence an important slice consists of institutions, clinical analysis delicate tasks that rely on our printing press for the provision of letterhead, envelopes letterheads model “Super privacy” and custom folders, all in order print and deliver the maximum protection of the privacy of its clients analyzes and tests of various kinds.

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