Printing customized folders in Florence with Typography Vittoria.

Custom folders printed letterpress printing, offset and digital to collect documents, files. practices and acts of Typography Vittoria Florence.

Custom folders collection acts documents dossiers practices for lawyers, notaries and accountantsThe custom folders are the most useful tool to gather all records, documents, practices and the files of an office. Keep order in the office and at the same time give a professional touch to your work now we have a valuable ally: the custom folders printed in letterpress printing, offset and digital.

In the Art of Typography Vittoria Florence are dozens of cards for different color and texture of paper, what to meet the tastes and needs technical and logistics of each professional, designing and creating a finished print product that is suitable as a dress tailored for each customer’s needs we are once again faced.

The target customers that will appeal to our print shop for personalized folders includes clearly professionals such as lawyers, notaries and accountants, who are using this stylish printed for the collection and presentation of documents, acts, practices or generic dossiers, both present and drop the file to its clients is to exchange documents with other studios and freelancers.

Collect documents can not be the only purpose of a customized folder, also deliver elegantly confidential documents such as medical tests and clinical examinations may be the right input to order a custom folder, so there are numerous medical institutions and clinical analysis of Florence you Typography turn to Victoria for this useful printed.

The craftsmanship that has always Typography Vittoria makes possible an infinite variety of customized folders, coming so meet every need of each customer, following a quick summary of the main models requested by our customers:

  • folders in fulling (creasing) Single;
  • folders to fulling Triple (large capacity);
  • folders with glued pockets or flaps (flaps).
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