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Thank you cards and tickets courtesy in letterpress printing, offset printing, digital and embossing on cards fine with envelopes kit with Typography Vittoria Florence.

Usually the first thank-you cards and tickets courtesy are purchased along with wedding invitations.
Thank you notes or cards courtesy of valuable printed typographyThe first purpose of thank you cards is to reach the homes of the wedding guests took place, to thank them for the presence of a happy event such as marriage and to make explicit the gratitude for the gift received any.
I thank you cards are more classic format 8,5×13,5 cm. and they are accompanied by envelopes.
The text formula most traditional of Thanksgiving cards or courtesy is made only by the name of the groom and bride’s name followed by the last name of the family head of the newly formed family unit, leaving the possibility to customize the bride and groom hand writing a sentence of thanksgiving each recipient.
The thank-you note or a printout courtesy is sought, a touch of traditional character, class and attention to detail, a welcome thought to those who have helped make your wedding day unforgettable: your guests.
Envelope 9x14 cm. for thank you cards or courtesy marriageTypography Vittoria Florence, typography has always been attentive to every detail, offers in their samples countless types of cards and envelopes of exquisite workmanship and refinement. A constant search for beauty and attention to detail that always ends in a pleasant combination of paper, graphics with hundreds of characters available and printing technique best suited to any thank you note or courtesy that it prints.
Printing proposals as the traditional press printing, offset printing, digital printing and embossing dry or printed, are only a fitting end to a design of your thank-you card or courtesy envelopes that begins the moment you enter Typography in Vittoria Florence.
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