Business cards cardboard fine print at the Typography Vittoria Florence

Business cards cards printed in fine print traditional letterpress, offset and digital printing, hot stamping, embossing and dry.

Business cards printed on cards fine typographyThe business cards printed at Printing Vittoria Florence is treated in every particular, the preparation of business cards begins with the offer the customer an endless sampling of cards among the most valuable different in weft and color.
Seguitamente our graphic designer, known the needs and goals of the business cards, it will offer multiple graphics solutions among which you can choose the model that reflects the impression that you will leave to your interlocutors.
The cards can be printed through many technical solutions that can also live together very well on the same ticket; the main types of printing for the production of business cards are:
  • letterpress printing;
  • digital;
  • offset;
  • relief bottello (printed and dry);
  • thermo-relief;
  • hot stamping.
All materials used in the creation of business cards are top quality, the cards used are all of a thickness of at least 280 gr. / M2 and from the best Italian and foreign paper companies.

A brief history on the evolution of business cards.

The first historical objects similar to business cards are from the ancient China, the Chinese ceremonial rules prescribed that all who came to an imperial official (called Mandarin) has to announce with a small piece of paper with writing his name and all that could be useful as attributes and qualifications of the person.
Then the cards disappear to reappear, in their modern form as we all understand it, in the courts of France’s’ 600.
To see the first “business cards Italian” we will have to wait until about the year 1730 also witnessed by their mention in a playwright Carlo Goldoni.
In the early days the business card was a simple cardboard manuscript, but since around 1740 types of printed business cards made its entry in the main European courts of the time, soon the only name listed were added coats of arms and various ornaments that decorated tickets .
Today the business card is a quick and direct presentation of themselves and of their activities, among other things with all your references and contacts printed becomes an easy reminder for your customers.
The business world Anglo-Saxon reserve a major role to business cards, so they are called their “business card”.
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