Print thank you cards for condolences, holy cards and souvenir photos with mourning in Florence with Typography Vittoria.

Thank you cards in mourning for condolences, holy pictures and souvenirs with pictures of the deceased, with envelopes printed in letterpress printing, offset printing and digital typography Vittoria in Florence with Florence.

Thank you cards in mourning.

Thank you cards condolences mourning on card fine print typographyIn the days following the funeral, it is common to send to people who have been close in this sad moment, the so-called thank you cards.

I thank you cards are usually size 8,5×13,5 cm., Printed in black ink, bearing a sentence to thank those who made us feel their affection and closeness in a tragic moment like the loss of a loved one.

These moldings condolences are generally accompanied by envelopes, printed top left corner a small black band as a universal symbol of mourning.

Typography Vittoria Florence proposes in its catalog of thank you cards various types of cards, complete with envelopes, different shades of color and texture.

Santini & Souvenirs mourning.

Envelope 9x14 cm. for tickets thanks condolences mourning typographyIn the months or years following dell’avvenuta loss can arise the will to remember deceased loved one, for this purpose Typography Vittoria Florence offers several solutions including custom and so-called holy souvenirs mourning.

The Souvenirs of condolence cards are printed with words, prayers or Bible verses in memory of the deceased, on the same souvenirs is customary to affix or print a photograph of our dear in his memory.

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