Marriage: what and how to write invitations to the wedding reception.

Etiquette, rules and tips on what and how to write the invitations to the wedding reception to be attached to wedding announcements.

The invitations to the wedding reception, as the wedding invitations and recipients by writing on the envelopes themselves, has very specific rules to be respected, motivated by etiquette but even more by reasons of practical origin.

The text provided by etiquette for invitations to the wedding reception must include essential elements that must be present regardless of the model chosen for invitation to the wedding reception.

The essential elements of the invitations to the wedding reception is the name of the groom and the bride’s name, the name of the restaurant, villa, castle and location of any reception, the address of the same, the time of the beginning of the reception in case is held immediately after the ceremony, and at the foot of the call a sentence, a formula, with which confirmation of their participation in the festival.

The formulas used to have a sign of confirmation of participation in the marriage are: “please kindly confirm”, “is kind welcome confirmation” or the classic and never waned “RSVP”, acronym borrowed from the French language that is going to “Réspondez s’il Vous Plait”.

Of the above formulas confirmation of participation in the wedding RSVP is certainly the most elegant solution, suitable for wedding announcements looks more formal.

The etiquette of “old school” would not include the confirmation request a fixed term within which they can confirm, we must add that, due to organizational needs of various locations of marriage, you need to have to write a period within which to expect a nod or less confirmation.

The more classically of invitations to the wedding reception includes a separate ticket from wedding announcements, usually of smaller shareholdings, in the same paper, font and color printing. In the market for wedding announcements always evolving we are still in widespread models of wedding announcements already included with the invitation to the reception.

Another aspect increasingly growing concerning invitations to the reception invitations are “differentiated”, ie invitations to come to the wedding party at different times of celebration. Most common example is the invitation to the wedding lunch or dinner (for the guests closer to the spouses) as opposed to the invitation of the “cake cutting” and following the party, in the latter case we recommend you to add a time stamp appear; more rare is the invitation “for friends” at a party to be held in the days following the wedding.

The invitations to the wedding reception should be placed in the envelope also containing the wedding announcements, to be delivered by hand or sent as appropriate.

Attention: participation delivered without its invitation card equals notiziare the person who will be your wedding in this date and in this church, the presence of the recipient is welcome, but he is not invited to the party that follows.

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